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Frequently Asked Questions

1) What age group do you teach?

Primary school, secondary school, college and university students.

2) How long is a lesson and the fee?

A Lesson is an hour long.












3) Are these group or one-to-one lessons?

Most of our lesson are one-to-one however we also teach in small groups of 2-4. Small groups thrive especially when they are studying with their friends or classmates. Further we offer discount for group lessons.

3) Where do you teach?

From our home in Farnborough. Parents are encouraged to accompany their children for the first lesson so that you can see who we are and where we live.

4) Do you travel to the students?

No, unfortunately the time it takes to commute on a round trip means that we would have to lose other lessons to come to you.

5) How long have you been teaching?

For over 9 years.

6) How many tutors do you have?

Just the 2 of us. Myself and my sister. This way we have full control over the quality. 

7) Do you tutor adults?

Yes, we have adults retaking GCSEs and studying towards degree at university.

8) My child lacks confidence how can you help?

Yes, we have some students who struggle in class participation for example. Their confidence level automatically rises after a few lessons because besides the knowledge they are also given encouragement. 

9) What subjects to pick for A-Levels?

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10) What to study at University?

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