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What kind of skills will be in demand in the future?

UK like many other countries has an ageing population as well as real estate. Let's talk about the residential properties first, most of the buildings are in excess of 100 years old. Whilst buildings don't necessarily come with an expiry date, they certainly were not built to last indefinitely. Most of the properties built prior to 1930s were built with love; i.e. with good solid material and will probably outlive most new build houses. However, as they age, they will require refurbishment, or even complete reconstruction. Hence, creating demand for builders, electricians, plumbers, carpenters etc. According to a news article published by the BBC in 2018, 90% of new builds have defects, this means that both new and old properties will require work. There is already a shortage of traders in the UK, which is evident when you look at the high labour prices. Therefore, manual labour skills will most likely be in high demand for decades to come. Although, in the future as society's expectations rise, traders who are well spoken, have good planning skills, and are transparent will likely win bigger and lucrative contracts.

So take up a course in building, plumbing, electrician, and decorating.

The ageing population will increase demand for goods and services as people live longer, however peoples' mobility will reduce. Therefore unable to move around, they will seek help in the form of cleaners, and care takers whilst demand of services such as retirement homes, day care centres, health insurance, home security, entertainment services, public transport, and health care will increase. A career as a doctor, dentist, pharmacist, even alternative medicine such as herbal or homeopathy, physician, osteopath, nurse, and medical scientist will be a safe option.

The rise in artificial intelligence and Robots will undoubtedly create demand for programmers, data analysts, computer scientist, computer architects and for people who can bring them all together.

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