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Who are we?

We are a family business based in Farnborough, Hampshire, UK and have been tutoring for over 10 years.  There are only 2 tutors in our home. We cover all British examination boards, our students come from state schools, independent schools, international students moving to the UK and undergraduates. The lessons are one-to-one and conducted face-to-face and online. 

Our Philosophy

We believe that most students have the potential to excel if they are given the right support. Sometimes things don't make sense at school, and it is not necessarily the teacher's fault; students just needs somebody to explain the topic from a different angle This is where we come in, we simplify complicated topics.

- We work on the learning technique, for example some of our students work better with mind-maps than lists, they are visual learners.  

- We work on the exam technique, for example some examination boards use sophisticated words to ask a simple question and this throws the students off, resulting in losing easy marks.

- Most importantly we ensure that students get the logic because once they understand the rationale then the brain remembers everything else around it very easily. They no longer need to rely on memory. 


Giving back to the World

One of our Tutor is mentoring a young lady (Joyeuse) in Africa to start her own business. We talk over Skype and I am helping her put a business plan together so that she can raise funding. Joyeuse wishes to start a weddings decorations business, she has wonderful ideas but they need to be channelled and put into a business case so that she can convince the potential investors.

The reason I started volunteering is because I invested heavily in my education and there are some bright students out there who could excel but are held back due to financial constraints. Whilst I cannot change the whole world, I can make an attempt to change a person's life and hopefully it will better their family's lives.

I have also held sessions with young adults in care, coaching them on how to manage money, CV skills, interviewing and people skills. I have held workshops like the one below with students in primary schools, secondary schools and universities. 

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