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What to study at A-Levels?

The decision on selecting the appropriate A-Levels is not easy but ask yourself the following questions to help you guide:

1) What do you wish to become in life?
If the answer is precise i.e. A scientist, engineer, doctor then you obviously know the subjects to pick.
However if you don't know yet then pick subjects that are your strength but select wisely because subjects such as Media studies, General and Religious studies don't have the same weight as English, Maths, History, Geography, Business, Economics, Sciences, IT, etc. That is simply because they are easier.

2) What do you wish to study at University?

If you wish to study Maths for example then it is obvious that you need to build a knowledge base during A-Levels. For other subjects such as Business and Economics you may be able to still get on the course without having them as A-level but that means you will have a steep learning curve in the first year.

3) University is not the only route

There is off course the apprenticeship route, self-employment (starting your own business), trades etc.

Hope this helps. Feel free to ask a question.

Disclaimer- Please do seek career advisor's advice as this is an important decision.

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