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Crown Tutor jobs

We are looking for Science, Geography, and English tutors who can teach either GCSE or A-level students. 

Our students come from both public and private schools. They are given 1-2-1 lessons and a small proportion also take group lessons with a maximum group size of 5 students. 

- Must have prior tutoring experience.

- Integrity is utmost important in this role - if a topic can be explained in 30 mins then the lesson must not be stretched. Too often we have come across businesses who put profits ahead of Integrity, but we are different and this is one of our unique selling points.

- Interpersonal skills are a key in ensuring that the students feel comfortable being able to speak their mind and ask questions.

- Must be able to explain a given topic from different angles and with real life examples. 

- Helping students with note making techniques, learning techniques and critical thinking for exam preparation.

- DBS check will be carried out

- Have an understanding of the examination boards and able to identify difference in syllabus. 

Job type: Part-time

Hours: Most of the classes take place during the evenings on weekdays or throughout the day on weekends. 


Please e-mail your CV and a covering letter to 


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