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Looking for A level Business studies revision help, Business studies tutor, GCSE Business studies tutor or Business Management tuition? We have been teaching for over 10 years.

In the UK, Business is taught from GCSE, through to A-levels and university. It is a study of how a business works. This course has a few names, some institutes call it Business studies others call is Business Management but it is pretty much the same thing. Then at degree level you can either study it as a BA, which means Bachelor of Arts hence it has more essays and writing or take it as BSc (Bachelor of Science) and there is more Maths involved and fewer essays.

At GCSE and A-Levels students learn about the basic concept of sellers and buyers, how demand and supply work, managing workers, how to sell and advertise the product, and how to calculate Revenue and Profit.

At university the topics advance, so students learn about the price elasticity of demand, labour, organisation management, motivating workers, marketing and numerous ratios which are used to judge the health of a business. Most universities offer a module on Entrepreneurship which covers preparing a business plan, elevator pitch to sell your idea to investors and starting a business by yourself. 


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