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Crown Tutor (formerly known as Sumit Tuition) is a private tutoring family business. There are 2 tutors in our home; myself and my sister. We have been tutoring for over 12 years. Our students come from public, grammar and boarding private schools, sixth form, college and international universities. Parents have noticed a transformation in their children; some of our students have changed their career paths, their behaviour and concentration have improved significantly. We build a strong foundation of the subject and work on exam technique to optimise results. 


Specialist in Maths, Business and Economics only. We provide face-to-face and online lessons. 


Booking a lesson is easy, no contracts or forms. Email or ring us to book a slot. Prices are available in the FAQ section.

A glimpse of our lesson

A glimpse of our lesson
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A glimpse of our lesson
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Recessions timeline
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x-efficiency vs x-inefficiency
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Market structures Economics
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credit cards vs loans
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Should I study Business or Economics?
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Macro Economics lesson 1
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Macro Economics lesson 2
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Crown Tutor Process
Maths diagram
  • KS1Maths

  • KS2 Maths

  • KS3 Maths

  • GCSE Maths

  • A-Level Maths

Business and factory
  • GCSE Business studies

  • A-Level Business Studies

  • Uni- Business Studies / Business Management

Charts and graphs
  • GCSE Economics

  • A-Level Economics

  • Uni- Economics


“They are lovely and super helpful! I found myself grasping the concept of certain topics much quicker than i would at school.”

— Jen

A student came in for A-Level lessons not only climbed from Grade D to an A but also took inspiration from our careers and decide to change his subject at university. His parents were delighted and he is also pleased with his choice. 

One of the best compliments was when a student's parents acknowledged that since he had been taking lessons they can now talk to their son like an adult. 

Children are constantly absorbing from their surroundings, whether it is body language or the way adults engage with them. One of our students suddenly decided to change her friend's circle based on the interactions with us. Her parents were pleasantly surprised at this maturity. 

A student who was a video games aficionado reluctantly took business & economics lessons now teaches his parents on how to manage money and resist the temptation of getting caught up in commercial ads when making buying decisions. 

If Philosophy was taught in Schools, perhaps then we would be able to produce better leaders, who are able to look beyond profit margins and treat the planet's resources with respect.