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A 3 minute trick to increase your concentration when studying

Do you find yourself distracted whilst studying? Your mind is thinking about 50 millions things and consequently you are having to read the same paragraph over and over again but it does not register

Before you sit down to study :

1) Put your phone on silent, and no vibration. Turn the phone upside down so the Snapchat messages appearing on the screen can't distract you. 2) Study in a clean environment; clear your desk, put your clothes away and get rid of the mess. It helps your mind think clearly. 3) Close your eyes and think about nothing. It is incredibly difficult but it helps to reset your mind. Block out the background noise; stop thinking about school, friends, that football match, that comical TV program and blank your mind. Do this for 3-5mins, it is dead boring but it will calm your brainwaves and help you focus.

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