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TV is not just entertainment. It is a form of education

TV is not just entertainment, it is a form of education and shapes the norms of our society. On Dragon's Den they shredded an entrepreneur into pieces. I know that it is staged and exaggerated for dramatisation but why paint such a bitter picture?

People often blame young generation for lacking etiquette and manners. Well, can you blame them? The grown ups are feeding them with false image of the world.

Why don't we show the reality as it is? So that our children don't grow up thinking they have to be ruthless and cruel in order to become successful. You don't build rapport and human assets on the back of brash behaviour, if you want people to stay in your business or work with you it is vital that you are pleasant to work with above everything else.

If you are a teenager growing up, let this serve you as a warning that the Apprentice, Dragon's Den, House of cards and Suits are not reality. The real successful people (that is if you are measuring monetary wealth) have a very different style. If you want to climb up the ladder you must learn to remain humble, stay original, don't copy others and set an example so that you can become someone's idol.

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