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Have local councils surpassed their expiry date? (Part 1)

Local councils in the UK are in the news almost everyday for the wrong reasons. From closing down recycling centres, to overspending on a patch of roadworks.

Local residents are often seen venting their frustration on social media about the leadership and management. They also receive criticism from the media but a radio silence is the only response one gets back from these great institutes.

Closing recycling centres has a direct impact on fly tipping and whilst on paper the council does manage to cut costs it pays through another account having to clean up the mess. What is surprising is the fact that if an average person is able to weight up the pros and cons of such decisions then why can't people whose sole job is to make such decisions foresee the consequences. Some councils have positively responded to protests and have reversed their decisions whilst others insist on pursuing it through.

In council's defense it is imperative to cut cost in order to keep the accounts in balance. However what is more important is to identify the cause of rise in cost in the first place. Road works that over run will undoubtedly lead to rise in cost, and if the work is not completed to a satisfactory standard it will require rework. Road maintenance work outsourced to contractors who cut corners leads to a rise in the council's costs and the citizens end up paying the price for it eventually.

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